Monday, November 24, 2008

Turkey Day

I am tying up the last few strings for this semester as the holidays are coming around. I have issues with holidays. There some cruelty to them. Everyone is expected to act certain ways and have certain components in their life: family, friends, wealth enough for a banquet. Many don't enjoy these things. Many people are products of broken families, either by choice or by difficult circumstances. Holidays provide an impetus for many to believe their lives are wrecked. After all, if you don't enjoy the common, American rituals there must be something wrong with you, right?

I'm a big fan of constantly enjoying the people around you and the people who are important to you. We shouldn't need holidays for that. So as the holidays come, I would like to encourage those struggling. We are all one community. I hope everyone has a happy holiday that doesn't revolve around rituals that contain little meaning.

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Fizzlemed said...

In my best British accent attempt, "Here, Here!"

I hate the holidays for exactly that reason. Well said.